Sai Ram Dear SSSGC members,
With Swami’s grace, we’re blessed with a wonderful Sadhana program. Please see the email below from brother Dhurjati Mudigonda, National Devotional Coordinator, SSSGC-USA.

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Subject: Introducing “1008 Sadhana” Program


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Om Sri Sai Ram!

One of the most critical aspects of a spiritual aspirant is to undertake “Sadhana” on a regular basis.  In a discourse that Swami gave at Trayee Brindavan on 29th May 1988, He says “The literal meaning of sadhana is the effort you make to achieve the object you desire or to reach the goal you have in view. Sadhana is thus the primary means to realize your aim or objective.”  A disciplined effort can help us progress with our spiritual practice. 

Sai family members from Sri Sathya Sai Global Council Center of Flushing, NY have put together a 1008 Sadhana program that is comprehensive and can be customized to suit each of us, regardless of the age group or the stage of life we are in.  This Sadhana program spans over a period of 4 years culminating in Bhagawan’s centennial celebrations on 23rd November 2025.  All of the various options in the program are designed to allow you to carry out sadhana for at least for 1008 days by then.  

Sadhana practice such as this can be life transforming undertaking and will be a precious gift that we can offer at the lotus feet of our dear Bhagawan.  More details can be found at 

I sincerely hope and pray that Sai family members will utilize this wonderful opportunity. Please forward this email to your center membership.

Loving Regards,

In Swami’s Service,

Dhurjati Mudigonda

National Devotional Coordinator, SSSGC-USA

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