Dear National Presidents, 


Please bring to the attention of your respective national teams this wonderful initiative coming from the newsletter team. 


Sai Ram,

Dr. Axay Kalathia

Chair, SSSGC-Zone 1

 With loving prayers at the Lotus Feet of our dear Sai, We’re delighted to bring to your attention an exciting new zonal initiative: a quarterly newsletter, entitled SaiLights.  Why a newsletter?  


–    To inform:  We believe a newsletter would be a fantastic vehicle for information-sharing about Sai activities at the organizational, national, and Center levels, particularly at this early stage of the Global Councils formation. 


    To inspire: By shining a light on what is happening on the ground, the newsletter could promote learning across centers and spur ideas and connections as we pursue Swami’s teachings.  It could also provide a venue for our dear brothers and sisters, including young adults and children, to express their devotion to Swami in unique and creative ways. 


    To instruct: Importantly, the newsletter will allow us to reinforce and better understand Swami’s Divine messages, philosophical and practical. 


SaiLights will, of course, be our newsletter, indeed our collective offering to Swami.  It is mainly the activities of all of our Centers that the newsletter will report on, showcasing some as appropriate to a particular issue.  We plan to cover the four wings, namely, Devotion, SSSE, Service, and Young Adult activities.  In addition, each quarter will have a theme and will include articles or features relevant to the theme.  Features could be substantive, or simply fun: Sai humor, poetry, artwork by children, puzzles, and so on. 


Your contributions to the newsletter will be critical.  As a first step, we would request each of you to please identify a point person who could take forward and be responsible for the quarterly information-gathering effort in your respective countries. The point persons would, of course, need to communicate and coordinate with the Centers’ coordinators for each of the four wings. 


With your support, and with Swami’s infinite Grace, we plan to launch the first issue of SaiLights on Swami’s Birthday, November 23, 2021. The theme for our first issue will be Living with Divinity. To that end, we are requesting your inputs by October 15.  This is undoubtedly an ambitious timeline, and we seek your understanding.  Very soon after you receive this letter, our Newsletter Team will communicate directly with Centers, explaining the initiative and providing detailed information on the inputs being requested along with a clear timeline for delivery. 


Our hope is that the newsletter will not only highlight all that is happening in our Centers but also inspire us, at Center and individual levels, to do better in walking the Sai path.  We are most enthusiastic to begin work with you on this exciting endeavor, and seek Swami’s Blessings with utmost humility and gratitude. 


Loving Sairam 

Zonal Media Committee 

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